Everest Team building is a trading name existed for 10 years long in providing excellent team building activities. We have not set any geographic parameter for delivery of our products to the clients.

Over the years, our experience with team building program organizing has extended into many fields consisting of IT and technology, manufacturing industries, business service, transport, banking and finance, Pharmaceutical, Insurance and Telecommunication with both types of indoor, outdoor game and we are also strongly confident in Coaching for business leaders as well as training for key people level in the company in the outbound training throughout team building activities tailored for them.

Our expert of event management team is proficient in planning, in organizing and in managing events at all levels, and they always keep their keen eye on details, the commitment to safety, and the passion for ensuring our clients receive the very best in customer service helps us to exceed expectations, every time. Our Partnership with Catalyst Vietnam- one of a member of Catalyst Global network has also helped us in enabling to deliver a unique service in order to help our clients better their experience.

Our core purpose is to work together with our customers to help them Build Better Teams, and we strongly believe that by using our knowledge, experience combining with your objectives and ideas, we can deliver for you and your team a truly unique and unrivaled Team building experience.  With some of the most exciting and creative Team Building event products from Catalyst Global, and a proven track record of success over the last 10 years, we will work with you to make your event…THE EVENT!