In Peak Performance, a tablet based interactive business game, teams will take the role of Expedition Leader on a 20-day expedition to summit Mount Everest.

Program outline

Teams have to guide their clients up to the top of Mount Everest and then safely go back to base cam within 20-day expedition. There are a number of factors needed to be considered such as clients fitness levels, weather, best route to the summit, acclimatization, use of oxygen, pitching tents and strategies to outwit other teams in order to win. Important information is given to teams each day of expedition. Teams race against other teams to make swift yet intelligent and sober decisions. As space is limited in each height zone, teams who hesitate will be looked in a less idea path or be unable to move!

Teams also need to complete some active challenges, which are timed pop-up tent pack ups, a blindfold climbing harness challenge and sleeping bag stuffing. Moreover, teams need to decide on what their guide will need to carry – tent, oxygen and/or clients. The higher clients can climb up, the more point you can get. Remember that clients may risk illness from lack of acclimatization and possible death with dire.

Learning and development outcomes

Peak Performance, an emotionally gripping experiential learning tool, aims to change people’s attitude towards many aspects of how they play life in business and in pleasure.

It is believed that gamification methodology enables participants to learn in less time with lasting result through the use of engaging teams, tactical components, and fun that links to their business environment. This is the good way to improve learning and make the business highly develop.

The observation of participants will be reflected during the team building experience. Then they need to parallel these observations to the real circumstances, so that than can make permanent, effective changes in behavior.

What business benefits you might ave after this challenge?

These are some benefits: customer service, cross functional cooperation, entrepreneurship, exploring excellence, negotiation skills, managing change, networking, practical leadership, project planning, risk management, strategy communication, team dynamics, uniting teams and visualizing the future.

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